Public Housing Programs

Housing Choice Voucher Program: Over the years our vision has expanded as we've seen the opportunities that abound in public housing. Opportunities for programs that help resident’s improve their economic standing, and increase their community involvement; Opportunities to partner with public and private stakeholders on innovative projects; And opportunities to improve accountability, transparency, policy, and practice. While challenges like recent cuts to our program funding—where we're expected to do more with less—are sure to come; We will continue to find and implement solutions that help our residents and communities thrive. So come and see how were upgrading facilities, implementing green building practices, improving operational efficiency, and so much more. In short, we think you'll agree that we're working to change the perception of public housing from "the housing of last resort" to the housing of new opportunity.

Section 32: Comprehensive Home-Ownership Program - We offer classes and counseling in a one on one setting focusing on the areas of credit repair, budgeting, financial literacy, home buying, and minor home repair / maintenance. Participation in the program helps to prepare students financially and personally for the step into home ownership. Classes are held on the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 5pm at 320 East 5th Street in the Herlihy Community Room.

Resident Opportunity and Self-Sufficiency (ROSS) Program: This program is directed toward families who are serious about achieving real and lasting self-sufficiency. In this program participants work toward achieving the fiscal responsibility and life skills necessary to leave public housing and ultimatelybecome a homeowner. By combining case-management and the coordination of services, WHA partners in collaboration with a number of local and state service providers to offer training, education, employment assistance, homeownershipcounseling, financial management, and Individual Development Account.

For further information on Self-Sufficiency programs, contact 429-6701 extensions 1007 or 1030. Additional information can be obtained about these programs by calling the Community Supportive Services office at 429-0954 or visit the office at The Park View, 1800 Broom Street.

Resident Services

Although property management is the primary business of WHA, providingsupportive services to our residents is also a major part of our mission. Through our Community Supportive Department, WHA offers.

Senior Support Services - We assist our seniors in connecting with corresponding agencies that help them live independently. Examples include: Meals on Wheels,Dart, Christiana Care, Benefit & Entitlement resources.

Employment and Training - The WHA works with the Delaware Workforce Investment Board (DWIB) and the Department of Labor to help participants gain the training and referrals necessary to find work in a tough labor market.

Resident Leadership Training - In an effort to better understand the needs of our residents and involve them in community issues, we help individuals to become leaders within their respective communities to help bring about positive change.

A Success Story

Ava Patrick, a WHA resident of over twelve years, was a single mom, full time employee, and college student working toward her degree in business administration from Wesley College. After two years of actively participating in ROSS program she had been able to plan and stick to a budget, start a savings account and keep it, as well as pay off her past debt. She accepted an offer to become a homeowner through the Habitat for humanity, and broke ground for the home that she helped build. She states “My Family Support Partner from Habitat, and my Life Coach from WHA helped to encourage me and keep me focused on my goals. I truly feel blessed. I am proud to know that not only have I made a difference, but so have some very special people who probably do not know how much their encouragement has meant to me. Pictured right: Irmina Williams with Ava Patrick and Friend Standing Outside of Ava’s new home.