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Lincoln Towers Grand Opening

An innovative 30 million dollar building has opened in the heart of Trolly Square. A unique partnership between the City of Wilmington and WHA, has lead to the rebirth of Lincoln Towers apartment and the creation of a new fire station, No. 5. Clicke here to watch the story.

Going Green

The high-rise building, Crestview Apartments, now has a 15,000 squarefoot soy biobased roof. The three-story, Evans House Apartments, has a 5,600 square-foot soy biobased roof surface. Not only do these EnergyStar-rated environmental liquid membrane systems help to reflect the sun's rays, they also reduce the cost of cooling a home. Read on.

WHA on Capitol Hill

Executive Director Frederick Purnell testified before Congress on H.R.5814 Also known as The Public Housing Reinvestment and Tenant Protection Act of 2010. It requires the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to make competitive grants to local governments, public housing agencies or nonprofit entities owning a major housing project to implement transformational programs in eligible neighborhoods with a concentration of extreme poverty and severely distressed housing. Watch the web-cast or view the transcript here.